Changing fonts

Kristian Høgsberg krh at
Thu Aug 31 15:09:26 PDT 2006


I was just touching our X font packaging and it turns out that the
font files are a bit awkward to work with.  The problem
is that even if it does allow you to override the font install path,
it requires you to know whether the font is supposed to go into the
misc subdir, the 75dpi subdir or whatever.  In contrast the X server
just takes a --with-fontdir option and appends all the suffixes in
use.  Also, we should probably default to $(pkg-config
--variable=fontdir fontutil) instead of ${libdir}/X11/fonts - though
using pkg-config this way in is a bit evil, since now,
even if you pass --prefix=/whereever, it will install outside that
prefix.  I don't think that's a big problem though.

Any objections?

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