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kr992 kr992 at interia.pl
Mon Aug 28 05:49:45 PDT 2006

(sorry my english is bad)


 I have laptop (PM 2,1Ghz , 512Mb DDR 400) with 915gm integrated graphic card, i had try run wine 0.9.19, cause many people tell me that some games run faster on linux (i saw 3dmark in wine with nvidia card and was better as in windows). I try recompiling kernel , installing new experimental packages (on my debian sid) , recompile wine with optimizations flags and i could only get 590 score with glxgears and 810 score in 3dmark2001 (in windows i get 4200 so 810 is so poor) , everyone tell me that the problem is in drivers ... 
 And i found this site (intellinuxgraphics.org) and i try install packages (change in config kernel to make modules , install agpgart and drm , mesa and this xorg drivers)... and ... and performance wasnt change ........ still the same poor fps ...

 Can someone tell me why in linux 915gm sucks ? 
or why drivers are so poor?

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