ANN: xterm #218

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Sun Aug 27 17:29:09 PDT 2006

xterm supports ANSI color, VT220 emulation and UTF-8
There's an faq at

                            Patch #218 - 2006/8/27

     * change  behavior when encountering an illegal character in a title
       string.   Rather   than   reject  the  string,  translate  illegal
       characters  into  "?"  and  use  the  string  (requested by Thomas
     * improve checks for nonprinting characters in title strings (report
       by Samuel Thibault).
     * correct   typo   in   menu   labels,  changing  print-redirect  to
       print-redir,  making it follow the manpage and match the usage for
       the actions table (report by Samuel Thibault).
     * correct a typo that prevents building with some older systems such
       as Solaris 2.6 (report by Julian Bridle).

Thomas E. Dickey
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