Updated git_xorg script with new checks

Shawn Starr shawn.starr at rogers.com
Sat Aug 26 02:06:03 PDT 2006


I have updated the git_xorg script, If there are no problems, I will upload 
this to the wiki later. Please test,  I have tried this on a LFS system and a 
Debian unstable machine.

 - Add support for pulling XCB (optional).
 - Add system check for required SCM tools and packages to be installed.
 - Pull from CVS xlibs/xkbdesc.
 - Pull Mesa and drm too.


$ USE_XCB=yes ./git_xorg
* X.Org Modular X Source Checkout *

git_xorg ==> Checking for required SCM tools:
git_xorg: Checking for GIT: OK (
git_xorg: Checking for CVS: OK (1.12.13)

git_xorg ==> Checking for required packages on system:
git_xorg: Checking for pkg-config: Found Version: 0.21... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for ncurses: Found Version: 5.5... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for zlib: Found Version: 1.2.3... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for expat: Found Version: 1.95.8... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for freetype2: Found Version: 9.10.3... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for fontconfig: Found Version: 2.3.2... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for libpng: Found Version: 1.2.8... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for libdrm: Found Version: 2.0.1... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for mesa: Found Version: 6.5.0... OK!
git_xorg: Checking for gperf: Found Version: 3.0.2... OK!

git_xorg ==> Checking out/Updating Xorg Modular components:

cloning app/appres

Please test :)

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