Radeon 9000 Pro corruption problem on PPC when DRI is enabled

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch
Thu Aug 24 04:48:27 PDT 2006

Ian Romanick wrote:
>> That said, I don't understand why it would get identified as a x86 bios
>> if it isn't, as xf86ReadPciBIOS checks that itself, so in fact there
>> shouldn't be any need to put in the same verification again in the
>> radeon driver.
> I don't see any test for that in linuxPciHandleBIOS.  If
> linuxPciHandleBIOS returns success, none of the rest of the code in
> HandlePciBIOS gets executed.
Argh missed that one. Is that a bug or a feature? I find it strange that 
the sanity checks are vastly different for both methods.
And it still doesn't explain why mapping the bios failed with 6.8.2 but 
"succeeds" with 7.1.

Anyway, here's a new patch which should hopefully be more correct. If 
that still doesn't rule out the bios as not being x86 video bios I don't 
know what could be done (it should be the same test as radeonfb uses, 
which does figure out it's OF after all).


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