Unwanted Dead key in own character set

Bernd Schoeller bernd.schoeller at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Aug 23 06:27:47 PDT 2006

Dear list,

unexperienced with xkb, I have created an own keyboard layout that tries  
to give me the possibility to enter German Umlauts in a conventient way,  
without sacrificing the comfort of my US keyboard. Though I had to adjust  
the file a small number of times to keep up with X11 development, the file  
is working well. It is more or less a hack of us-intl and is attached  
below (also available with a longer description from  

My only problem is, that the German capital U-Umlaut (Ü) seems to be  
mapped to a dead key (called by RightAlt-U). That is, I have to press it  
twice for it to show up. I assume that it was mapped to a dead key in the  
layout that I inherited from (US/ASCII). All other keys work fine. How can  
I prevent U-umlaut to be dead?


// US Layout with German characters
// Bernd Schoeller <bernd.schoeller at inf.ethz.ch>

partial default alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "basic" {
     name[Group1]= "US/ASCII";
     include "us"

     key <TLDE> { [ quoteleft,    asciitilde,  dead_grave,   dead_tilde  ]   
     key <AE06> { [     6, asciicircum, dead_circumflex, dead_circumflex ]   
     key <AD07> { [         u,    U          , udiaeresis,   Udiaeresis  ]   
     key <AD09> { [         o,    O          , odiaeresis,   Odiaeresis  ]   
     key <AC01> { [         a,    A          , adiaeresis,   Adiaeresis  ]   
     key <AC02> { [         s,    S          , ssharp,       ssharp      ]   
     key <AC11> { [ quoteright,   quotedbl   , dead_acute,   dead_acute  ]   

     key <RALT>  { type[Group1]="TWO_LEVEL", [ ISO_Level3_Shift, Multi_key  
]  };

     modifier_map Mod5   { <RALT> };

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