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Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Aug 23 08:02:49 PDT 2006

[Forwarded by Daniel on Leon's behalf, at his request.]

Request from the Board of Directors for

Public Participation

in Review of a

Proposed Revision of


of the

X.Org Foundation L.L.C.

  Prior to a vote by members of the X.Org Foundation L.L.C. on adoption of
a revised version of the governing By-Laws, we are inviting public review of
a Draft Revision.

A PDF copy of the proposed By-Laws has been posted to:


Public discussion of this draft document will take place at:


where you may register to participate. The discussion is open to all

Open discussion will close on 10 September 2006 at 23:59 GMT. A final
Revision will be submitted by the Board of Directors to the membership for
adoption after evaluation of the open discussion..

Both current members and all Interested participants will be notified
shortly of procedures and timetable for the following:

     - Public Review of Revised Membership Agreement.

     - Application for Membership in X.Org.

     - Nominating Procedures for Election to the Board of Directors

     - Publication of Slate of Candidates.

     - Voting by Membership on By-Laws, Membership Agreement, and new
Members of the Board of Directors.

It is currently anticipated that voting will open on 30 October 2006.

For the Board of Directors,

  Stuart Anderson
  Egbert Eich
  Jim Gettys
  Stuart Kreitman
  Kevin Martin
  Jim McQuillan
  Leon Shiman

Leon Shiman, Secretary
   23 August 2006
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