some notes on how to make building Xorg modular from git easier

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Subject: some notes on how to make building Xorg modular from git easier

>All the font modules have been commented out in git_xorg - if they
>aren't to be pulled from git, then don't build them by default in
>, and do pull them if they are to be built by default.


>Also, assumes that you want to build the various XCB modules
>unless USE_XCB=NO is set - however, xcb isn't present in git (as far
>as I can tell) and is certainly not pulled by git_xorg. I had to
>manually get xcb from tarballs, but only after
>being quite puzzled that it was expected, but not provided.

xcb is in git, see The script should pull this. This is the repo: git://

>Furthermore, xkbdata was completely missing, and I could but find it
>as a release tarball.

The package is different now. I have it checked out but from CVS, it does not exist in git yet (this needs to be moved to git).

>Second, xcb depends on gperf, which isn't documented on the build page.

>Third, I ran into two snags with packageconfig files:
>xcursorgen : Variable 'datarootdir' not defined in

>during the build of xcursorgen and also:
>xt : Variable 'datarootdir' not defined in

>during the build of the xt module.
>The problem is the use of $datarootdir in the .pc files as in:

>The fix, at least for someone with small understanding of the build
>process, was to add 'datarootdir=${prefix}/share' to both these files.

Yes, I encountered this. The files need that line added. 

>Fourth, I following error appears while building the xserver module:
>EXTRA_DIST: variable `LBX_SOURCES' is used but `LBX_SOURCES' is undefined
>autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1

>The fix was to set the following in os/
>LBX_SOURCES = lbxio.c

>This last one I found in an older version of by googling..
>I do realize that lbxio.c doesn't exist in the tree anymore... so
>maybe removing the reference from the makefile altogether would be

I never encountered this building xserver.

>It does not seem to me that any of these issues would be specific to
>my machine/distribution, so hopefully the above will be helpful in
>fixing these simple issues.

>Lastly, I believe that Barry Scott's changes to
>should be incorporated into, or ideally there would be one
>shell script incorporating both build methods (or a hybrid tarball-git
>build). I might be inclined to do just such a thing at some point, but
>I haven't gotten to it yet.

>The end result would hopefully be that one could run git_xorg, then
> (with the appropriate parameters) and thus build the whole
>tree without problems (documented dependencies would of course have to
>be satisfied in advance).

>thanks for listening,
>-Kacper Wysocki

If you have an account on the wiki, feel free to edit some content too. Im looking at it now wrt to gpref and xcb.

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