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Tue Aug 22 00:43:00 PDT 2006

Dirk Thierbach wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 29, 2006 at 09:47:08PM +0200, Simen Thoresen wrote:
> I am not sure if this is still relevant, but I just came back from
> holidays and saw this message. Maybe the information is at least useful.

Hi Dirk,

Thank you - it is still relevant (at least to me :-) ).

>> I'm having a problem affecting any changes to the X display on TV-machine 
>> (CentOS4 i386 build of, v 6.8.2). I've got an Nvidia 6200 card, and 
>> am using the NV driver. Everything /works/ perfectly, and I have not 
>> had to adjust anything to get the display on the TV (connected over SVIDEO 
>> cable).
>> Xorg.0.log says
>> (II) NV(0): I2C device "DDC:ddc2" removed.
>> (II) NV(0):   ... none found
>> (--) NV(0): CRTC 0 is currently programmed for TV
>> (II) NV(0): Using TV on CRTC 0
> You're using the display as set up by the BIOS. The open source 'nv'
> driver then just keeps those settings.
>> I would prefer the full PAL resolution if possible, but trying to enter 
>> what I thought would be the proper modeline (found on the web)
> The open source 'nv' driver cannot change the TV settings, especially
> not with a modeline (the information needed depends on the TV encoder
> chip, and is much more complex than a modeline).
> To change the TV settings, you'll need either the closed source 'nvidia'
> driver, or an external tool like 'nvtv' (google for it).

I'd prefer not to use the nvidia driver since the nv driver both gives 
sufficient acceleration for my video-needs and.

nvtv seems not to have been maintained for a few years. Is anyone here 
working on this project? Is there any hope for integration into the xorg 
Is there any way to contribute to this in a non-coding capacity?

I'll give nvtv a spin when I have a free minute - if it solves my 
problem, I'll be very happy :-)

>> More annoying than the missing resolution, is the fact that the image is 
>> smaller than the screen - not 736x575 less 640x480 smaller, but about a 20 
>> pixel-wide black border around the border of the picture smaller. 
> That's the default "overscan" border, which is usually much to large, as
> in your case.
>> So - my questions? 
> Either try the closed source 'nvidia' driver (which only has a fixed
> list of TV modes, but can at least change the overscan border size
> for some card/encoder combinations), or use the 'nvtv' tool (which
> is very flexible, but may not work very well on newer Nvidia cards, 
> and not at all with the internal TV encoder some Nvidia cards have).

Thank you :-)


> - Dirk

Simen Thoresen, Dolphin ICS
Systems Administration and Wulfkit Support

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