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> Hi All,
> I'd like to do the following: I want a translucent window, but the text
> in that window to be opaque (or at least less translucent). It's for a
> terminal emulator (mrxvt).
>     1. Is it possible using libXcomposite?
>     2. How? I found very little documentation out there. Just the
>        protocol specification (which is not easy to understand), and the
>        header files.
> Is there some secret tutorial on using Xcomposite which would help me?
> Also if one of you Xorg gurus knows how to do the above, and can briefly
> tell me, I'd be most grateful.
> Thanks in advance,

you need to
1. know if  composite manager is running or not. if it is not your alpha
channel games will have no effect. netwm has new shiny standards for this - but
are not honored much yet.
2. create an argb32 visual window
3. fill the window in with pixels such as the high byte is your alpha channel.

i could point at some code i wrote that does this and does all the rendering
etc. - but u:d need to dig thru quite a mountain (in evas - more in ecore
etc. in enlightenment's cvs repository) ... and i don't have time to dig right
now - hopefully the above will get you started though.

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