[PATCH] Clean up XEvIE damage in dix/events.c

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Thu Aug 17 10:40:58 PDT 2006

This patch fixes a bunch of XEvIE detritus in dix/events.c by changing:
#ifdef XEVIE
xeviehot.x =
sprite.hot.x = ...

#ifdef XEVIE
xeviehot.y =
sprite.hot.y = ...

ad nauseum to:
#ifdef XEVIE
xeviehot.x = sprite.hot.x;
xeviehot.y = sprite.hot.y;

once at the end.  The only functional change I can see is that
xeviehot.[xy] will be subject to the same ConfineToShape call that
sprite.hot.[xy] is if sprite.hotShape is set.  I don't see any reason
why this shouldn't be done (though my XEvIE knowledge is very minimal),
so I assume it was more a case of not matching grep more than anything.

XEvIE people, ACK/NAK?

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