Xorg 7 + ATI + Xinerama

Michael Gebhart lists at miketech.net
Wed Aug 16 17:11:04 PDT 2006


I have a ATI Radeon 9100 IGP card with DVI and VGA output.

On my DVI port I have a monitor with 1280x1024 and on the VGA port a
monitor with 1024x768.

Now I wanna have both screens working with xinerama. I've been working
on that for a long time, but I don't get it. Maybe you can help me.

With this config the screen on the VGA output (1024x768) is working. The
DVI is blank (this is correct):


Here is the log:


In the xorg.conf you see the two lines:

   #Screen         "aticonfig-Screen[1]" RightOf "aticonfig-Screen[0]"
   #Option	  "Xinerama" "true"

If I activate these lines, in order zu activate the second screen with
xinerama both screens are blank.

Here is the config:


Here is the log:


I don't know, why it is not working. Both screens have been found, the
resolutions are correct. 

I also tried to use "UseFBDev". But then the seconday screen isn't found
at all. 

Do you have any idea, what I am doing wrong? Obviously the open source
driver is able to use the DVI and the VGA port. Each one is found
correctly and also the monitors are recognized successfully. I've been
searching for a solution for such a long time. So I hope you have any
hint for me.



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