help building xorg-modular

Jeremy C. Reed reed at
Tue Aug 15 09:21:40 PDT 2006

> well i have the requirement that the target platform be nethence 
> gnu/linux ;)
> i also dont mind doing stuff from inside nethence ( i got most things 
> set up to the point where i only need x to get going) and i dont want to 
> install a complete portgage or another packaging system.
> i tried around and i am absolutely sure that the hardcoded order in 
> which dependencies are built is just wrong or that the script has a bug.
> what do you recomend doing?

I don't use Nethence myself.

Nethence uses pkgsrc. I maintain pkgsrc packages for modular xorg.

Some are already hosted my NetBSD's pkgsrc.

But most are a work in progress and available via pkgsrc-wip hosted at 
sourceforge. I have done a lot of testing of them on Linux.

Please use pkgsrc and use cvs to retrieve the pkgsrc-wip. See

First try the wip/modular-xorg-libs meta package.

I will be glad to help you via the pkgsrc-wip-discuss list or the 
pkgsrc-users list.

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