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Mon Aug 14 01:27:29 PDT 2006


On Sunday 13 August 2006 17:05, cckuo wrote:

> Dear X friends:
> I edit the xorg.conf to force the Xorg using VESA driver, but the screen
> displays improperly. Then I try to use VGA driver to light up the screen,
> but the resolution always be 320x200, even I add the modeline option in
> cofigure file. 
> My questions are:
> 1. Should I add more options or set something else to let the VESA driver
> work?
> 2. Or my monitor or HW cannot fit the vesa standard?
> 3. How could I set other modes in VGA driver?

Due to the nature of the VGA cards in the 1980th there is nothing
else than 320x200 that the vga driver could support (aside
640x480 with 16 colors maybe ,-).

When the VESA Bios fails to drive your cards / monitor properly you
are most probably out of luck. If there is a chipset specific driver
for your card you should try that drive.


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