Polish keyboard layout - a problem and a suggestion of solution

Tomasz Kaźmierczak tom8311 at wp.pl
Sat Aug 12 03:23:38 PDT 2006

Recently I've changed the XOrg version from 6.8.2 to 7.0.0 (as I've changed Fedora Core 4 to Debian Etch) and I've noticed very anoying (for me) thing. In 6.8.2 version, when using Polish keyboard layout, on the numeric keypad there was a 'decimal' dot and now there is a 'comma' sign. I know - in Polish we use a 'comma' for decimal separator, but this is only useful in some text editors or other office software. Other programs require using 'dot' as a separator (for example console based 
scientific programs, system configuration software, even in configuration files one cannot use the 'comma' as a decimal separator!). Moreover, even when there was a 'dot' on the numerical keypad, programs such as openoffice.org writer changed it to 'comma' and everything was fine (it just depended on the localization setting in the program).

When I was searching for some solution on the web I've found some forum where someone suggested to just add an additional Polish keyboard layout that would leave a 'dot' as the decimal separator. The other layout would change it to 'comma'. I've read there also that a simmilar solution was made in case of some other country's keybord layout (Hungarian or Czech, but I don't remember now). One could choose between those layouts and everyone would be happy.


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