Xorg 3D acceleration for neomagic

Kacper Wysocki kacperw at online.no
Sat Aug 12 03:20:52 PDT 2006

While I am on the subject of the neomagic driver (and anyone who's
read this far must be at least remotely interested in it), I'm
*positive* that I found a driver with decent 3D acceleration for the
neomagic chip, some odd years ago. (By decent I mean armagetron and
glxgears worked without being choppy). A harddrive corruption later I
could no longer find these drivers.

In recent years I heard that Red Hat took over development of the
neomagic driver, and my hope was that accelerated rendering would
finally be implemented. Alas, the most recent post out there about
neomagic quotes a developer as saying that the chip was so slow it's
dubious whether acceleration would make any difference. It *does* make
a difference, and increases the usefulness of aging hardware.

Does anyone on this list know what happened to the 3D support in
neomagic? Or maybe what it would take to get 3D support implemented in
the driver, or who has the specs necessary?


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