Rant about ATI

olafBuddenhagen at gmx.net olafBuddenhagen at gmx.net
Thu Aug 10 08:31:46 PDT 2006


On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 11:18:59PM +1000, Marek Wawrzyczny wrote:

> I never said that there is no place for open source drivers either but
> unless I've missed the open source driver (other than radeon or the
> r300) for my Mobility X600 then unfortunately they don't work for me.
> Whether it is a good thing or a bad thing, I have to use Ati's driver
> or not use Linux at all.

This is absolutely untrue. You are totally ignoring the existance of

Sure, VESA is limited in many regards, but unless you have a very
obscure constellation, it enables you to use GNU/Linux without
proprietary drivers.

(Well, except that it relies on the proprietary BIOS, but that's a
different story...)


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