ATI FireGL 5200 Support?

Bernd Schubert bernd-schubert at
Fri Aug 11 03:19:20 PDT 2006

Danny Kurniawan wrote:

> On Friday 11 August 2006 09:02, Dave Airlie wrote:
>> ATI suck
> Agree!! in fact although ATI said that they will support opensource
> community, they do it "half-hearted"!! even the propietary fglrx support
> SUCK!!
> on the other hand, NVIDIA never said they will support opensource
> community, but their propietary driver are the best!! LONG LIVE NVIDIA!!!

No, no and again now, proprietary binary drivers are not always a solution!

I'm presently pretty much annoyed, those binary drivers which overwrite the
free libGL libraries simply don't work for us - a homogene software
environment for all clients by using a nfs based single system image (SSI)
solution. If the hardware would be homogene as well, it maybe would work,
but the PCs have video cards from different companies. Using a binary
driver will make it work for some cards and other can't do any 3D then.

Now its becoming a bit difficult to buy a new PC with AGP, they simply
always have PCIe, but no AGP. And without AGP there's also no possibility
to run a perfectly supported radeon9200 *grumble*.

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