ATI FireGL 5200 Support?

Danny Kurniawan danny.kurniawan at
Thu Aug 10 19:36:24 PDT 2006

> No NVIDIA suck just as much,
> they just have better closed drivers, only having closed drivers ==
> suck, for any quality or usefulness of closed driver.

Well.. I think they deserve to close their source for the money they spend 
creating a good product... but please... can't they just give a better 
drivers?? or just we, the opensource community has the second priority?? 
We're customer too!!! we don't buy their products for their drivers, do we?? 
I just want to play games or just seeing my 3d screen savers running... 
that's all!!
I never buy or suggest anyone to use ATI anymore since I know their driver 
sucks!! maybe until they give a better support to us...

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