ATI FireGL 5200 Support?

Matthew Tippett mtippett at
Thu Aug 10 15:10:14 PDT 2006

The ATI proprietary drivers have support for 'big desktop'  (set via
Config setting of "DesktopMode" "Horizontal").  Look at the output of
aticonfig --help for more information.  It is in a lot of ways
functionally equivalent to mergedfb of the core XOrg drivers.



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Subject: ATI FireGL 5200 Support?
Date: 10/08/06 05:32 PM
> Hi,
> The open-source ATI drivers available with Ubuntu don't support the
> ATI FireGL 5200 (as far as I know).  I don't want to use fglrx because
> I really want to use MergedFB, with which it is incompatible (as far
> as I know).  Is anyone working on open-source support for the FireGL"
> 5200?  If not, is it reasonable to think I could do something about it
> (with no experience in this area)?
> Thanks in advance,

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