Rant about ATI

Daniil V. Kolpakov dan at solutions.lv
Thu Aug 10 14:55:19 PDT 2006

В сообщении от 9 августа 2006 16:51 Marek Wawrzyczny написал(a):
> Also, I was under the impression that the X.Org group needs more
> developers. If closed source drivers dissapeared overnight, would the
> sudden influx of requests for hardware support slow down the development of
> other strategic parts of X like the modular development, Xgl, etc? Or maybe
> it would result in reduced hardware support instead?

Can't you see, absence of open-source drivers slows down or even can make 
impossible development/research of "The New Stuff" like Xgl? I doubt we'd 
ever seen things like Render and Composite extensions if there were no open 
Radeon driver, for example (I might be wrong, but I'm under impression, after 
some months of reading the list, that the Radeon driver is the main testbed 
for the new technologies and nearly every Xorg developer owns a Radeon 
9200 :)).
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