HDTV, multimedia and free software drivers for Intel i965 chipset

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at cineca.it
Thu Aug 10 06:55:07 PDT 2006


i'm very happy to hear that intel is going on a full disclosure path WRT
their GPU..

i can see lot of good news about 2D and 3D acceleration but my main
focus is about multimedia and television (MPEG2 MPEG4 H264..)

decoding there streams is a fairly huge task, expecially with high
definition programs springing a lot lately using high complexity codec

my question: is MPEG acceleration (already) supported in the intel free
and open drivers?

if i check, for example, this whitepaper for the new gma3000 gpu:


i can see something interesting on the G965 chipset:

- MPEG2 decode: iDCT + Hardware motion compensation (and color
conversion, i suppose)

- VC1 Decode: Hardware acceleration (it could mean anything!!)

is VC1 an open standard? i can see a task sponsored by google about it:


so, i kindly ask:

- mpeg2 acceleration supported, now in the FLOSS driver or when?

- vc1: what does it mean acceleration?

- what about h264.. could the VC1 acceleration help the H264 decoding too?

- technical document / datasheet about it, will they be available later
for everyone to read and help?

thank you for your attention

andrea venturi

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