More advanced power savings (rev. the DPMS extension).

Egbert Eich eich at
Tue Aug 8 02:39:06 PDT 2006

Jim Gettys writes:
 > > Thats is a confusing thing.  In fact if the frame buffer is powered 
 > > down, the screen will be
 > > undefined.  i.e. not working.
 > This isn't true, and I'll give two counter examples:
 >    o E-Ink displays.
 >    o Our DCON driven display.

Right. This discussion went well beoyond your use case.
We looked at the default case with todays hardware.
Here is what I have been saying all along:
We need more input from hardware vendors what we can
realistically expect in the future. Are E-Ink displays
(as much as I would like to have it) something that
is going to happen?
As long as hardware vendors don't talk to us until it
is too late ("We need to release a driver that can do 
this and that by the end of next month") we can hardly
react and create an infrastrucutre.

 > And there are other technologies being looked at that may make the
 > display able to be "live", which any ability to modify the image is
 > turned off.

Knowing that there will be a system with this feature
being deployed (the OLPC box) should provide sufficient
incentive to take this case into account in our design.


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