Overruling BIOS Panel size for 852GM

Erwin Rol mailinglists at erwinrol.com
Sat Aug 5 02:27:44 PDT 2006

Hey all,

I am trying to get a 1280x800 LVDS panel connected to a 852GM chipset.
The problem is the BIOS of the embedded board only allows 1024x768x18bit
and 1280x1024x48bit LVDS settings. When I pick 1280x1024 the panel only
displays junk (dual channel LVDS to a single channel LVDS panel just
doesn't work), when I select 1024x768 the panel displays the BIOS (and
Linux text mode) screen OK, but in the top left corner. 

When I try the i810 driver from git I can get it to work but only in
1024x768 mode and that results, like the textmode, in a 1024x768 block
in the top left corner, the side from 1025 to 1280 is black and the
bottom from 769 to 800 is a repeat of the 768 line. 

When I try to setup 1280x800 mode the driver complains that only modes
320x200 to 1024x768 are allowed. It seems to find the BIOS settings of
the panel and reports that as;

(II) I810(0): Found panel of size 1024x768 in BIOS VBT tables

And than reports;

(WW) I810(0): Invalid Monitor type specified for Pipe B

This is with the modesetting branch, I couldn't get it to work with the
normal 1.6.1 release at all. Using the 915resolution program does not
help, it still find the 1024x768 VBI entry and refuses to change the

Any idea how to over rule this ? Can it done in the xorg.conf file or
should I hack the i810 driver ?

any hints are welcome.



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