Rant about ATI

Andreas Hauser andy-xorg at splashground.de
Wed Aug 2 03:11:37 PDT 2006

marekw1977 wrote @ Wed, 2 Aug 2006 09:09:44 +1000:

> I can fully understand the sentiments here. I've had similar frustration with 
> Ati (I have an Ati Mobility X600 card). I also see why the post is 
> inappropriate here. Afterall this ML is about the development work on X.

Why would it not be appropriate? It was choosen to allow a binary ABI,
explicitly so that closed drivers can exist. So i don't understand,
all the crying about the vendors now, when obviously this was wanted.

Also if a card is not well supported, it would seem to be perfectly OK to
mention here, as this might lead to someone stepping up and help.


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