Rant about ATI

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at hispeed.ch
Tue Aug 1 02:42:39 PDT 2006

Thiago Milczarek Sayão wrote:
>   The ATI driver release notes says:
> This software driver provides 2D support only for the ATI Radeon® 9100 
> IGP and ATI Radeon® 9100 PRO IGP.
> My laptop has an ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 IGP identified as RS300M which 
> is not and ATI 9100 IGP and not an ATI 9100 PRO IGP. So, i've been DAYS 
> trying to make this thing work. I've read tons and tons of HOW TO's and 
> forums etc..
> Just i few hours ago i discovered that my Mobility 9000 IGP is also not 
> supported. They do a very dirty thing and replace the dri library file 
> with the "on_igp9x00_we_do_not_support_dri.so". Very very nasty.
Well, igp9000 and igp9100 are the same. I don't know of any difference 
in the graphic core (maybe they are clocked differently).
And you don't even have to try any of the latest 3 ati drivers, as they 
are completely broken (for 3d) on anything r200-class anyway.


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