Problem with DGA

James Wright james at
Sat Apr 29 06:24:02 PDT 2006

Which version of the nVidia driver you have installed? 

In the latest releases (>7676) I think they removed support for the DGA video but
left in the DGA input stuff, as apparently it conflicts with the way 
they now manage video memory (linear mapping vs tiles i'm guessing???).

Is it true DGA is planned for removal from X as in that post on nVidia forums,
didn't think that was a definite?

I actually kinda like DGA in a weird twisted way, so I haven't bothered upgrading my 
closed source nVidia drivers from 7676 :-)


On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 11:48:58 +0200
leslie.polzer at wrote:

> I am using the closed-source nvidia driver and have enabled DGA.
>   When I run 'dga', the screen goes black and locks up.  I have to kill
> 'X' remotely to get access back.
>   How can I find out more?  Is this a known issue?
>     Leslie
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