[ANNOUNCE] X.Org BoD Meeting Notes Feb. 21, 2006

Egbert Eich eich at suse.de
Fri Apr 28 02:41:05 PDT 2006

Alan Coopersmith writes:
 > Egbert Eich wrote:
 > >        http://wiki.x.org/wiki/BodMeetingSummaries-04-11-2006
 >     Among the security WG a volunteer should be found who'd willing
 >     to be responsible for such announcements to be given access to
 >     the X.Org web page. SA will make an announcement to the security
 >     maling list.
 > Why just one person?   The security team has been working best as a
 > team, with people sharing the work as needed.   Creating a
 > single-point-of-failure seems to be placing undue risk, especially
 > when dealing with volunteers with outside lives that may interfere
 > at any given critical time.

Yep! Agreed.

There should definitely be fallbacks - however if we don't
define the responsibilities well people will sit on their
hands hoping that the others will take care of it.

And there are precendences: we have roles in this organization
which have names attached but no action is seen.

In prinicple the one who is in charge of the security release
should have access. This may be a different person each time 
However as you might have noted on the security mailing list
the situation has changed slightly: 
Daniel has brought the issue of the role of the X.Org machines
altogether on the table there. As a turnout of the last board 
meeting Kevin asked around if people would object that the
discussion that has started on the security mailing list was
moved here.
It was felt that it is appropriate to take the role of the 
X.Org machines to a larger audience.
I've got the notes on this last board meeting ready - however
I cannot publish them until they have been approved by the
other board members.


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