i810 + accel = no go with i855GM (X.org 6.9.0)

Lukas Hejtmanek xhejtman at fi.muni.cz
Wed Apr 26 14:04:58 PDT 2006


On Wed, Apr 26, 2006 at 04:41:22PM +0200, Jens Benecke wrote:
> I would like to know whether this has been fixed in more recent releases or
> if there is another way I can resolve this. Also, is there a way to
> recompile a newer (CVS/git?) Version of the i810 driver without having to
> recompile all of X.org? I'd like to try the newest release to see whether
> the problem is still there.

According to this link:

it's rather X.org bug than i810, so you need to recompile X.org server. (Do not
know whether from CVS HEAD or you need still apply patches on that page (follow
comment #49 and patches around)

Hmm, checked out CVS HEAD and at least ValidatePCI is still present.

Lukáš Hejtmánek

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