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On Wed, 26 Apr 2006 10:26:04 +0200 Samuel Thibault
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> Carsten Haitzler, le Wed 26 Apr 2006 17:27:10 +0900, a écrit :
> > > If you want trust, you need to have some mecanism in the X server.
> > 
> > but since it's the WM that needs the info... it needs to provide the
> > mechanism. maybe i'm just used to making a wm work on any xserver -
> > irrespective of its extensions and patches.
> Well, maybe I should have read the thread from the start. I don't know
> if in the considered situation, trust is important. But if it is, since
> only the X server has direct contact with X clients, only the X server
> can provide the needed information (uid for instance). Hence patching
> the X server can't be avoided. The WM can then use the information at
> will.

well - yes and no. xserver may connect over tcp/ip remotely - it has no chance
to know this info unless it is voluntarily provided as properties by the
client. u can make this voluntary thing "forced" by overriding xlib (or
patching xlib) - and an ld_preload is a way of "patching" xlib runtime. it does
work. but this does assume the wm may launch the applications itself (and set
up the ld_preload environment) or some other utility that sets up this
ld_preload co-operates with the wm in this way.

> Samuel

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