Changing the way drivers find DRI headers

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at
Tue Apr 25 08:29:08 PDT 2006

Ian Romanick [2006-04-24 15:45]:
> I'm down to what should be the last roadblock.  Right now the way
> drivers check for DRI header files is completely broken for
> cross-builds.  Right now each driver has a series of
> 'AC_CHECK_FILE([${sdkdir}/dir.h], [...], [...])' statements.
> AC_CHECK_FILE always fails on cross-builds because it is trying to check
> for files on the host system instead of the build system.  Since
> configure is running on the build system it is impossible to check
> anything on the host system.

Why are these checks even needed?

I think it should be enough to call
PKG_CHECK_MODULES(DRI, xf86driproto libdrm, have_dri=yes, have_dri=no)

If the respective .pc file is installed, all of the included headers
should be installed, too, otherwise the system is broken anyway.

Is this approach considered too radical?


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