[PATCH] DECnet support for XCB

Patrick Caulfield patrick at tykepenguin.com
Tue Apr 25 00:09:43 PDT 2006

Jamey Sharp wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 24, 2006 at 10:54:54AM +0100, Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>> Jamey Sharp wrote:
>>> Would you consider producing a DECnet support patch for XCB?
>>> 	http://xcb.freedesktop.org/
>>> It currently makes no effort to support DECnet because I don't know
>>> anyone who cares. :-) Since you apparently care, and can test such a
>>> patch, I'd greatly appreciate your help.
>> OK, here's a code patch. I haven't done the config changes yet cos I'm
>> not sure what you want/need. It requires -DDNETCONN in CFLAGS and
>> -ldnet in LIBS.
> Awesome -- thanks Patrick! I've committed your patch-so-far with minor
> whitespace changes.
> Have you had a chance to test this patch? :-) I confirmed that building
> and running without DECnet support still works, but it's the usual
> problem with #ifdefs... I suspect in particular that no authentication
> mechanism will work, because the auth bits are protocol-specific too.

It does work, yes. I haven't tested any fancier auth options - I'm not 
very well up on X authentication - because I run with "xhost +" set on 
most machines. The VMS X-Server basic-auth checks the node & UID of the 
remote machine so I've set that in the patch. I'll look at "proper" 
authentication and see what I can do.

> As for the configure script, at a minimum we should have a
> --enable-decnet option or some such. Use AC_DEFINE for setting DNETCONN,
> and we need to make sure the -ldnet is only set for libXCB and not any
> of the extension libraries. I wouldn't be opposed to auto-detecting the
> header and library support for DECnet if you wanted to produce such a
> patch. Does that answer your question?

Yes, thanks, I'll work on that. The option for xtrans is 
--enable-transport-decnet (analog to --enable-transport-unix) so I'll 
work with that as an option but it should be pretty easy to check for 
libdnet and its header files so it can be auto-detected too.



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