Summer of code 2006

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at
Mon Apr 24 15:06:59 PDT 2006

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
> Hi,
> How about making external TMDSes on radeon X?00 cards work ?
> 1. dual-head dvi cards are not so uncommon now
> 2. so are screens requiring dual-link dvi
Not that I'd say it's not a good project, but the way it's worded makes 
it sound like this would allow using screens requiring dual-link dvi on 
X?00 cards work (those which have an external tmds transmitter, i.e. two 
dvi ports). External dual-link dvi transmitter is very rare on x?00 
cards AFAIK, there are some mac cards and some firegl cards, a (rather 
expensive for the performance) 9600pro pc/mac hybrid but that's pretty 
much it. The somewhat common usual X?00 cards with two dvi ports are 
usually single-link only.
(The new X1?00 cards have two integrated tmds transmitters, the higher 
end ones IIRC two dual-link capable ones, though those cards are 
obviously a whole different story...)


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