expat.h file not found

Siva Prasad rsivaprasad at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 01:50:41 PDT 2006

Thanks Matthieu.

I got past that point. However, I got into problem with floor and ceil
functions. I got multiple definitions, one in /usr/include/bits/mathcalls.h
and mymath.h. If I comment out the one in matchcalls.h, I error out at
samplemonopoly.cc file.

So, in a fix. Did any one face this situation before?


On 4/23/06, Matthieu Herrb <matthieu.herrb at laas.fr> wrote:
> Siva Prasad wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I am trying to build X11R6.9.0 using uclibc for Linux 2.6.14 kernel. I
> > am having build issues.
> >
> > while compiling xmlconfig.c, it errors out by starting with "expat.h
> > file is not found". By searching the distribution, I found that this
> > file is indeed available in extras/expat/lib directory. Why is this not
> > getting referenced?
> >
> > Any help from some one how to build X11 for uClibc (buildroot)?
> If you don't have the expat package installed (with its headers), you
> need to set 'HasExpat NO' in host.def to use the version provided in
> xc/extras.
> --
> Matthieu Herrb
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