dmx image color distortion across displays with different byte order (with patch)

Junling Ma junlingm at
Sun Apr 23 00:03:27 PDT 2006


If dmx manages two remote screens with different byte order, then images 
displayed on the screen with different byte order from the server gets color 

For example, suppose there are two boxes A and B, where A is on an x86 and B 
is on a ppc. If Xdmx is started from an x86 box then image on B is 

The following patch fixes this problem.

Junling Ma

Index: hw/dmx/dmxgcops.c
RCS file: /cvs/xorg/xserver/xorg/hw/dmx/dmxgcops.c,v
retrieving revision 1.3
diff -r1.3 dmxgcops.c
>     /*  The byte order of img is the byte order of the display 
>         dmxScreen->beDisplay. This may not be the same as the image byte
>         order of the dmx server, in which pBits is actually stored. So
>         we have to set the bit order of img to be the image byte order
>         of the dmx server. */
>     img->byte_order=screenInfo.imageByteOrder;

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