[PATCH] DECnet fixes

Patrick Caulfield patrick at tykepenguin.com
Sat Apr 22 08:23:07 PDT 2006

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Patrick Caulfield wrote:
>> server-config adds --enable-decnet to configure.ac. I'm not sure if 
>> LIBS &
>> CFLAGS are precisely the right place to add -DDNETCONN & -ldnet but I 
>> couldn't
>> find anything else that worked!
> This should probably go into lib/xtrans/xtrans.m4 where the similar flags
> already are for Unix & TCP transports, and libraries are already added as
> needed.  That will also save you from having to modify the other
> xtrans consumers (such as  libX11) directly.

OK, I didn't know about that. I'll work on it and submit another config 
patch. Thanks.


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