xserver/xorg/configure.ac and VENDOR_RELEASE

Jeremy C. Reed reed at reedmedia.net
Fri Apr 21 00:01:58 PDT 2006

Today I was using a wrapper around libtool and noticed that I had a 
bunch of junk in my VENDOR_RELEASE because it had expanded the 
multiplication asterisks into shell globbing wildcards.

I know I could fix the wrapper I used to honor the quotes around the 

But why is it done this way?

100000) + (($VERSION_PATCH) * 1000) + $VERSION_SNAP)"

It seems like the configure step or even during the make could (should?) 
handle this with $((...)) or expr(1).

Why is is done the way it is currently?

 Jeremy C. Reed

echo ':6DB6=88>?;@69876tA=AC8BB5tA6487><' | tr '4-F' 'wu rofIn.lkigemca'

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