mouse driver update

Matthias Hopf mhopf at
Thu Apr 20 11:36:59 PDT 2006

I've just checked in an update for the mouse driver that should finally
work well with mouse wheels (no more button 6&7 events if moved fast).

So far interpretation of z axis events was either pretty much broken, or
waxis button events were originally used for something so completely
alien to me that I even don't understand it now, right after nuking the code.

The new code should work ok with two wheels as well, except that
mapping the second wheel on a different axis (x or y) won't work -
mapping to buttons should.

I won't fix this right now, as

a) I don't have a two-wheel mouse to test
b) Only the MouseMan+ protocol sets data about the secondary wheel
c) The linux kernel mouse emulation doesn't know anything about multi-wheel

There is a chance that this checkin breaks some dual-wheel mice that
worked before (because as Zephaniah pointed out there are two
interpretations of the protocol), but I don't have one, and the old
implementation was completely nuts and at the wrong place anyway.

So if you happen to have a mouse with a wheel that worked before and
doesn't with the new driver, send me a notice and we can debug this.



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