XChangeDeviceControl/XGetDeviceControl ?

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Apr 19 06:45:01 PDT 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 05:43:07PM +0400, Andrew Zabolotny wrote:
> Daniel, see what happens when there's no easy way for programmers
> to get what they want? :) I wonder how much time will pass until
> we'll see x11 drivers sending local emails with config data...

I agree, but I'm also trying to provide you a generic framework to do
what you want.  Single-use config tools (SISCTRL, ATI's Catalyst
control panel, nVidia's Detonator control panel, this) are not
interesting.  Generic frameworks that I can access by pressing System ->
Preferences -> Pointing Devices (or whatever) -- now that's interesting!
That's what distributions care about.  That's the way to get very
well-developed, well-refined, and well-maintained configuration tools in
every desktop, and thus in every distribution.

Xi has been a wasteland since its introduction, mainly since the current
DIX and DDX do their best to pointedly ignore it.  Not any more.

Which means, on that note, that if I suck as a maintainer, I expect you
to tell me that I'm being far too idealistic, and to just shut up and
add a DEVICE_LOCAL ioctl-style interface already.  But I'm hoping that
we can all agree on a better, more generalised interface, for the things
you want to do, as it's not just your driver that will benefit from this
sort of thing.

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