[Mactel-linux-devel] Re: i810 rotate memory range off?

Thomas Glanzmann sithglan at stud.uni-erlangen.de
Mon Apr 17 16:21:29 PDT 2006

Hello Alex,

> looks like a bandwidth problem.  it may be a lack of bandwidth or
> perhaps the DDA or similar/related hardware need some tweaking.  what
> refresh rate and depth are you using?

my depth is 24 and my refresh rate is fH: 74.8kHz *fV: 59.8Hz*. I don't
experience this problem with a older driver that doesn't support xrandr.
And if I don't rotate my screen the artefacts get more. Much more. All
over my screen. I only see these artefacts in xterm and Eterm but not in
rdesktop, opera and other x applications. At least I never spotted them.


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