Running A Generic Application In an X Window

Glynn Clements glynn at
Fri Apr 14 23:05:31 PDT 2006

Dolloff, Matthew D. \(JSC-ER7\) wrote:

> That looks like it might do what I want actually.  The only catch is
> when I try to run Xnest with -parent I get the following error
> [mdolloff at dolloff-matthew ~]$ Xnest :1 -parent 48234555
> Could not init font path element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF/, removing from list!
> Could not init font path element /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/CID/, removing from list!
> X Error of failed request:  BadAccess (attempt to access private resource denied)
>   Major opcode of failed request:  2 (X_ChangeWindowAttributes)
>   Serial number of failed request:  99
>   Current serial number in output stream:  100
> Any idea what is going on? Sorry for all the questions, but I am
> really new to X programming.

The error message "attempt to access private resource denied" suggests
that the X security extension is responsible. Clients which are
subject to security controls are limited in their ability to act upon
windows (and other X entities) which were created by another client.

The most common reason (although not the only reason) for the X
security mechanism being involved is if you are using X forwarding
through "ssh -X"; all forwarded connections will be subject to the
security policy. In that case, using "ssh -Y" or setting the
ForwardX11Trusted option disables the security restrictions.

The security extension can also be enabled for all clients by starting
the X server using the -sp switch. Some security-oriented
distributions may do this by default.

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