Does Xorg 6.9/7.0 support the old PCI graphic card S3 Trio64?

Ma Weimin mwmb2 at
Wed Apr 12 10:11:20 PDT 2006

Hi everyone,

i think Luc is absolutely right. I installed a real S3 Trio64+ card and my 
dual monitor work now!!(There are still problems, which i will post in 
another email.)

The label on the main chip of the fake one was remarked and blurs. The real 
one is very clear.

Thank all of you. It's you who encourage me and make me through. And i am 
waiting for your help in another email.



>If this is a known pci-id quirk, why doesn't the driver know about it
>yet? Could it be that this is just an incompatible device?
>A quick google dug up the following:
>(--) S3: WARNING: Sigma Designs REALmagic64/GX (SD 6425) chip detected!
>	Note: this chip is not a product of S3, Inc., and it is not
>  	compatible with the XFree86 S3 drivers.  We understand that
>  	some video cards are being sold with these chips relabeled
>  	as S3 Inc. chips, including S3's logo.  They are NOT S3 chips.
>  	Please see
>A warning from the xfree86 3.3.6 days.
>Luc Verhaegen.

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