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945GM support should be in X11R7.1.  It went into the Xorg CVS
respository back in Janurary.


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On 11/04/06, Matthias Hopf <mhopf at> wrote:

On Apr 10, 06 08:31:16 -0700, Johnson, Charles F wrote:
> The GMA 950 is the graphics controller is part of the Mobile Intel
> Express Chipset.  945GM support should be in the X11R7.1 release that
> currently in the middle of the release process.  We are also working
> with the major Linux OSVs to enable support.
> Info on the chipset can be found at:

As 945GM should be pretty similar to the 945 WRT the 3D engine, Xgl
should work fine on it (as it does work fine on 945).

I am running Debian Unstable on Dell Inspiron E1705. It has Intel GMA950
and XServer didnot identify it. I am using VESA driver. 



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