Strange bug with mouse wheel scrolling

Matthias Hopf mhopf at
Wed Apr 12 03:29:57 PDT 2006

On Apr 11, 06 14:50:23 -0400, Greg Stark wrote:
> > See
> > 
> > I didn't have time so far to investigate this further, but your input
> > about your mouse model could help here.
> I'm not sure why it's in novell's bugzilla, should I register and comment
> there or just report it to x's bugzilla?

You can post your config on this list, or send it privately to me if you
do not want to register, I'll put it into our bugzilla.

It is in novell's bugzilla, because the first person who had problems
appearantly was one of our testers.

> That particular entry seems pretty enenlightening. It shows numerous people
> reporting the problem and nobody actually making any progress tracking down
> the source.

You can pay for another developer.

I wanted to track this down (and I might even be the culprit due to my
buttonmapping patch, but I dunno why this only happens for few people),
but I couldn't reproduce this issue here easily, and I'm currently stuck
with a far worse issue and didn't have time to investigate further.

> In fact if I do cat -A /dev/input/mouse0 I see no unusual events. So I very
> much doubt this is a hardware issue.

*This* is important input for me. Thanks! If there are no unusual
events, it is certainly neither hardware nor kernel related. (It might
just be that your mouse delivers the events in a certain speed or order,
so that this bug is triggered.



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