Feature request for XGL : "for each face of the cube, a different Linux session"

Matthias Hopf mhopf at suse.de
Tue Apr 11 09:54:33 PDT 2006

On Mar 30, 06 18:07:23 +0000, unk unk wrote:
> At the moment, the XGL user can move the cube and notice that each face represents one of the four virtual desktops. Instead of switching from a virtual desktop to another by rotating the cube, it would be cool to be able to switch from a Linux session to another.
> Each face would be a different Linux session (User or Root). This would greatly increase the ease of use of a Linux system, making easy the quick switch from a User session to a Root one.

This doesn't really match the current use case. Also you are not talking
about a Xgl feature, but a compositing manager feature.

As right now the compositing manager is run by the logged in user (and
this will be the case for quite some time, as there can be multiple /
different compositing managers, and most will be combined with the
window manager), cross-user switching is not really possible.

Maybe this can be done in the far future with a hierarchical compositing
manager approach, but not right now.

> Imagine someone using his/her computer at home (a simple Linux user). He/she usually only uses his/her User account for his/her "daily normal use" and sometimes the Root one in order to install softwares. There could be one face of the XGL cube reserved for a Root session and others for User sessions. This way, administrate the system would become very easy. To install software or administrate the system, no need anymore to become root in a console, the user would just have to rotate the cube... Simple isn't it ?

IMHO sudo is much simpler. Loggin in as root on a graphical system is
bad habit anyway, and forbidden by many administrators.

> Each face of the cube would display a different Linux session... Let's say a face must be reserved for the XGL logo, ok. 
> So there are still 5 faces available : XGL could have one face for the simple User "Patrick" (for example), another face for the simple User "Dad", one for the user "Johnny", etc...  and finally one face (the fifth one) for a Root session. And of course, getting rid of the XGL logo on the other face (the sixth one), that makes (of course) a total of 6 faces so 6 possible different Linux sessions.

Don't use the top and bottom faces. The aspect ratio is wrong, and you
can get the top face rotated by 90 degrees or so. You can also use
"cubes" with more than 6 faces, so there's no need to use the top and
bottom faces.


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