Xgl is no longer giving me the COMPOSITE extension....

Colin Guthrie xorg at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Apr 11 03:07:25 PDT 2006

Hi Michel,

Thanks for replying and suggestions.

Michel Dänzer wrote:
>>Everything is compiled up and running at the moment, but the trouble is 
>>I do not seem to be getting the COMPOSITE extension from Xgl.
> Was it enabled at Xgl compile time? Maybe your proto/Composite/ and/or
> lib/Xcomposite/ modules are too old.

Well I believe so.

I'm building it against Xorg from CVS so proto/Composite is 0.3.1 
(according to the tar.bz2 created when running the build script) and 
lib/Xcomposite is 0.3. Both should be as up-to-date as they can be.

Do these need any sort of patch from the main xorg CVS branch?

I'm building Xgl from the xgl-0-0-1 branch.

Not sure what you mean by "Was it enabled at Xgl compile time?". My 
configure/autogen.sh line is:
./autogen.sh --prefix=$PREFIX --enable-xgl --enable-xglx --disable-xvfb
--disable-xnest --disable-xprint --enable-xkb --disable-kdriveserver 

Where PREFIX and SRCDIR are properly defined.

I'm not calling --enable-composite, but it should be enabled by default 
and I see nothing in config.log to suggest it shouldn't be built... (the 
log even shows confdefs.h file has #define COMPOSITE 1 in it which seems 
to indicate good things!).

Is there a way to tell (i.e. is it a separate file) if it has or has not 
actually been built? The file composite/.libs/libcomposite.a has a build 
date of when I last did an Xgl build so it's *building* it certainly, 
albeit not sure if it's linking it in correclty.

Running strings /path/to/bin/Xgl | grep -i composite
gives me lots of matchs that seems to suggest that composite is there....

It just doesn't seem to actually load when Xgl starts.

/me is confused :'(



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