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Lukas Hejtmanek xhejtman at
Mon Apr 10 06:06:50 PDT 2006


I made alternate driver for i830-i945 graphic cards. It's based on Alan's
driver, it includes Dave Airlies's I2C stuff, and it's not dependent on BIOS.

Currently, it suppors LVDS and CRT output. I tested it on my i915GM and i845G,
together with framebuffer. Excepet i830M it supports suspend-to-ram (correctly
restores text and graphic mode if susped is made from running X server).
It partly supports extended clone mode (clone with different resolution than
primary head). Also Xinerama seems to be working.

Shortly, I test it on i830M and i855GM chipsets.

Pending issues:
1) If running after binary IEGD driver (from Intel), page table controll reports
   error 0x49 and frame buffer gets not mapped.

2) Finish extended Clone mode so that it pans when lower resolution is

3) Fix XV lockups---Xinerama issues when moving XV window accross the screens.

4) ACPI _DOS does not work. It can be handled using script that modifies SWF0

5) LVDS detection is not done directly but using BIOS. Do not know how to do it

6) i830M uses LFP over DVOA and I2C. Do not know how to set up this.

7) TV-Out does not work. i9xx should have an internal TV-Out encoder.

Source code is located here:

Lukáš Hejtmánek

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