[ADMIN] xorg.fd.o moved to annarchy

Alexander Shopov ash at contact.bg
Thu Apr 6 11:00:29 PDT 2006

> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Arcade_(comic)#Minor_characters

You know, there is something *totally* wrapped when you get info like 
this in an encyclopedia, when there is even a self-referential picture 
of wikipedia in Penny Arcade


I mean - take a look at the X Window System reference:

Why the new wiki - Annarchy, Daniel? Scrap it, go for the jugular - 
everything should go straight in Wikipedia.

We can get more documentation people by just pushing man pages straight 
in wiki.

And why oh why, is there a source control system for the source? We will 
just push the source in wiki, then with a wiki postprocessor generate 
the normal content for the C preprocessor. Modular<->monolithic tree 
would be just reordering of page references.

No longer only few knowledgeable people would have rights to commit. It 
would be oh-so much more democratic for every one to be able to get 
quick fixes. (yep, quick fixes I said, some of us are addicted).

"My source compiles, so it must be right" is so very yesterday. It be 
"My source formats, so it must be right". With the sophistication of 
syntax highlighting, there could be no reasonable way I would not be right.

I would even expect all discussions here in the mailing list to end up 
nicely formatted and annotated in Wikipedia. So long the digest mode.

Just take a look at the timeline of X Window releases! Boy, I wonder why 
developers even bother writing commit messages! There's always someone 
to write it commit-for-commit in Wikipedia.

Just my random thoughtless thoughts.

Kind regards:

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