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Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Wed Apr 5 17:19:56 PDT 2006

People have been wondering what I actually do at Intel.  I can finally
say now. For the last couple of months, my job has been to work on
native modesetting for Intel graphics.  The problem has been that the
video BIOS doesn't let you program arbitrary video modes, and often has
bugs that keep you from programming standard modes (some of which have
been worked around with some hacks).  Instead, we're programming the
chip directly without asking the Video BIOS for information (unless it's
the only source of that information, i.e. laptop panel native

At this point, I have CRT and LVDS working on the i915 laptops I've
tested and the i945 desktop I have.  It's probably broken on pre-i915,
but I'll fix that when I can get my hands on the hardware.

As far as the Tungsten relationship, Intel is still contracting with TG.
There's just an internal team now, too, focusing on the 2D aspects.

Alan Hourihane has agreed on having the i810 driver migrated to git.
This will be a help for us who have to maintain private changes before
chipset release, and I think it's paying off already because I've
managed to save my git commit history from my previously-private
development for the public tree we're creating.

Of course, the initial git migration is a little tricky.  I've put up a
test repository up, but I'm dissatisfied with the log message
conversion.  In CVS it wasn't uncommon to paste ChangeLogs as commit
messages, but there's no point with git where your commits are atomic.
It's actually annoying, because tools like gitk give you the first line
of the commit message when browsing, and "yyyy-mm-dd Whowever
<whoever at whatever.com>" isn't usually very useful.  My quick script I
whipped up to de-changelog these didn't work very well due to the
slightly different formats these come in.  That's one of the reasons the
repo is only a test -- the others being that I haven't captured the very
latest commits, or had others look at it yet.  Hopefully this will be
finished soon.

To get the test repo,
git clone git://git.freedesktop.org/~anholt/xf86-video-intel

To get the modesetting branch, follow that with:
git checkout modesetting

There's some more git info at http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/UsingGit

Again, this is a test repo.  If you make commits against it, they're
likely to be OBE later when we make a new repo with a better ChangeLog

ObCoverity #582
ObCoverity #558, 599, 600 (retroactive.  Sorry!)

Eric Anholt                     anholt at FreeBSD.org
eric at anholt.net                 eric.anholt at intel.com
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