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On Tue, 04 Apr 2006 15:42:47 +1000 Russell Shaw <rjshaw at>

> Russell Shaw wrote:
> > Dave Airlie wrote:
> > 
> >>>> Do we really want to continue to encourage closed X?
> ...
> > All the (L)GPL and
> > other free (Xt based etc) gui stuff i've studied is architecturally
> > and performance wise, very substandard imo, and i wouldn't want to
> > see any more of it finding its way into X.
> That doesn't include Enlightenment, because i found out about it
> only a few months ago, and haven't studied the source in detail.
> It seems the most promising one from what i've seen so far imo.

enlightenment isn't really a core part of this discussion though - quite
peripheral :). i know it will have certain performance issues in places - but
it makes up for those with cutting out huge chunks in other places. it has it's
share of bugs of course. it is by no means perfect. i do know which parts are
very well tested and hammered to death in terms of solidity and speed though. i
doubt it's as good as the xserver overall though. this is something i would
like the time to have to go over the code and audit it for checking all things
that alloc and have sane unwind code with minimal user impact at the highest

don't think it's suddenly a savior. it has its rough edges too... :)

but thanks for the vote of confidence :)

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